Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Why "Why haven't you written anything lately?"

This is a question that I, myself, am struggling with.

See, I started my blog four years ago. This was back when Toronto didn't have a lot of food bloggers. Sure, I wasn't the first. But the last few years have sparked such a food blogging/food porn phenomena that I now feel slightly disabled. As a server, I see every table taking pictures of their meals. As a food enthusiast, I'm inundated with reviews, critiques and posts containing so much rubbish that I've become somewhat embarrassed to be associated with the same group.
I started my blog with the hopes of simply being one's compass; spend your money here, avoid there.

We have become such an over saturated restaurant obsessed city that so much of what this city is doing is wrong and it's become ok. Dining out, for me, has become a real crap shoot; you've got a fifty fifty chance that you're going to get something memorable, something of value. Small portions, mediocre food, bad service are all making for sub par dining experiences. We excuse it because, not too worry, there's another six new restaurants to try this month.

My write ups have become mostly negative and I don't want to come across as the picky bitchy food blogger. I will still write but please don't mistake my infrequence with laziness or disinterest. I'm just a little disheartened.

Thank you for continuing to read and for always supporting me and my passion.


  1. Well put. Do for love. Glad you're still going at it, too.

  2. At least I can stare at you a few times a week.