Friday, January 18, 2013

2013: the year of the ramen

With tacos being so last year, the new focus is on ramen; Japan's beloved noodle soup. The craze has hit North America big time and everyone's obsessed. I'll admit to already being sick of the hype but hey, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Kingyo Izakaya, 51B Winchester Street

After dining on unbelievably light and crispy tempura battered prawns, a super fun beef tongue that's self cooked on a hot rock and beautifully composed hamachi tartar, I ordered a bowl of ramen. It's not their focus and they only offer one kind but this bowl is spot on. The broth is lighter than the traditional shoyu (I prefer it this way).

Kinton Ramen, 51 Baldwin Street

After a recent trip to Thailand, we fully employ pork noodle soups for breakfast. We brunched here yesterday and nothing is more soothing than a big bowl of steaming pork belly and chewy noodles. An oozing soft cooked egg never hurt anyone either. They almost just do ramen and they are doing it really well. I had the shio style; a light broth made from dried seaweed, sea salt and seafood.

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