Wednesday, December 26, 2012

North of Brooklyn Pizzeria, 650 1/2 Queen Street West

I knew North of Brooklyn had opened not that long ago but I forgot. While finishing our Christmas shopping on Queen West the other day, I remembered it.

There's not much to the space. It's small, there's vintage pizzeria photos on the wall and a few seats. They do whole pizzas ($18 - $22) as well as slices ($3.90 and up).

What you need to know is that this is real pizza. Thin, super crispy crust that stays crunchy as you eat and a really nice sauce are key.

They nail it.

We try three slices and I particularly like their white pizza: mozzarella, ricotta, olive oil, topped with fresh arugula.

I also like the authentic pepperoni and the addition of sesame seeds to this crust is a win.

Not licensed and no Brio but you can have a San Pellegrino lemon or orange soda.

In January, add $2 and they'll bike deliver your pie.

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