Sunday, December 16, 2012

A-Ok Foods, 930 Queen Street West

The guys at Yours Truly recently decided to forego snacks and do prix fix only.

Enter A-Ok Foods; a ramen and snack bar where they can continue their Asian fusion ideals. This time, it's East meets Mexico.

It's a bit of a tumultuous relationship though when you try and slather hoisin minced pork with queso fresco and crema fresca as seen in their tostadas ($5). It's like eating teriyaki with feta cheese. Gross.

The same hoisin, scallion and minced pork combo doesn't do much better in the lettuce wraps. They are called san choi bao ($7.50) and are so salty, they're inedible. It's also a struggle to eat as iceberg lettuce doesn't "wrap" well.

The ramen, at $10.50 is a much better deal than Momofuko's version for $16. The noodles have a nice spring to them and the shoyu (soya sauce) broth has depth and comfortability. Grilling the pork belly is a nice touch.

The salt cod unari ($7) are a carry over from Yours Truly and the main reason for my dinner at A-Ok. They are the little darlings I remembered. Sweet, fried tofu pockets stuffed with rice and salted cod that you dip in a kewpie mayo that is studded with seaweed. I'm obsessed with them.

The friendly service is sweet and the glasses of wine ($7) are both affordable and generous. These are two qualities you are often hard pressed to find in Toronto restaurants these days.

A-Ok is just that; nothing great but just ok.

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