Thursday, March 21, 2013


you dine out and order dishes that are good, that you enjoy in that moment but that disappear from your thoughts the moment they are consumed. And some, make lasting imprints on my palate and have me obsessed for months later.

These are my current restaurant obsessions:

The perfectly smooth and creamy deviled eggs topped with crisped blood pudding ($4) at The Grove. It's just eggs but these little darlings kind of stole my heart. I also love the mismatched China-like side plates; very British grandmum.

The steak tartar at Chantecler ($12) is so effing good, we ordered it twice. It changes but you can bet it's Asian influenced. Picture 'Vietnamese' style, chopped to order, then tossed with a vinaigrette made of fish sauce & lime juice, chopped peanuts, diced jalapeƱo, coriander stems and wasabi with a shiny raw egg yolk on top. I was there two months ago but can still remember the taste in my mouth.

Porzia is the latest addition to the Parkdale strip and I'm thrilled to see a new Italian restaurant; brava to Basilio Pesce for sticking to his roots. The bone marrow with snails ($13) is insanely good. Unctuous marrow with chewy, earthy snails is surprisingly a match made in heaven. I also love the Polish China dishes that come out of the kitchen. My Nonna had the same set and I'm a sucker for nostalgia.

Porzia is doing a 3 for $33 special (three items off their menu for $33) as well as half price bottles of wine on Monday nights.

You should go.

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