Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's Burger Week!

BQM BurgerShoppe's $5 Burger:  brisket with caramelized onions, goat cheese and jalapeno aioli (I added the onion ring)

I am addicted to hamburgers and was obviously totally jazzed when I heard that The Grid T.O is sponsoring an event that is entirely dedicated to burgers.  It's called Burger Week and it started yesterday (May 30) and runs until June 3.  The deal is a bunch of Toronto restaurants are featuring a $5 burger and a handful of places are doing it for charity with their "Black-tie Burgers".  Bestellen, 972 College Street. has only been open for a few short months but their burger has already been referred to as "the best in the city" more than a few times.  For Burger Week, Bestellen is serving up their usual mix of fresh ground, cooked to order, chuck, short rib and strip combo but this time it's topped with Stilton, house made HP, onions and rocket ($18).  For $5.50 you can add a cold Muskoka Spring Oddity.  $5 of the sale of every burger and $1 from the purchase of a beer will go to charity.

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