Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hoof Raw Bar

Hoof Raw Bar, 926 Dundas Street West, is the third baby in Jen Agg's family. I have loved everything I have ever eaten at The Black Hoof. I dislike elitist cocktails so The Cocktail Bar is not for me. I do, however, love seafood so here I am sipping a wonderfully tangy and peppery Bloody Maria getting really excited to try the already famous cured fish board ($22). It's like fish charcuterie; branzino, mackerel, black cod, tuna and scallop all cured using different flavours. The chorizo cured sea scallop impresses with its' creativity, sweetness and smooth texture. But the buttery nori cured black cod takes me somewhere, it wows me. I'd like five more pieces please.

The tiny loaf of sweet milk bread ($2) and butter is also a must.  For one, it is so damn cute in its' tiny brown paper bag and the butter is salty and soft.  For two, you need some substance if you are going to attempt dinner here.  The portions are small and I pretty much need to eat thirty seven oysters (6 for $18 or 12 for $34) before I feel full.  Sure there's others but nothing is as successful as the board. 

A chawanmushi ($11) is a Japanese custard with crispy, fried kale, button mushrooms and salmon roe.  The ramekin is straight from the fridge and the custard is ice cold.  It's off putting. The best element is the roe; big pearls of bright red roe that burst in your mouth like sea candy.

I won't even bore you with the details of the other two dishes we tried as I don't recommend them.

All you need to know is go to the Hoof Raw Bar, have one of the four Caesars and a fish board then move on. 

It's the best new appetizer in town.

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