Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It opened but is it any good?

Toronto Life is always good for information on restaurants in the city.  Their 'Dish' column always does an "Introducing" feature where they focus on who just opened.  But am I the only one that wonders if these restaurants are any good? I know, that's the point; we are supposed to go and try it but if I ate out every week I'd be fat and broke and that ain't pretty.  Today's 'Dish' features Osteria 55, 55 Colborne Street.  I had dinner here about 2 weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised.  The pappardelle with creamy truffled mushrooms is a stand up pasta dish.  Perfectly el dente with a gentle richness that allows you to finish your plate without feeling sick afterwards which is how some cream sauces can make you feel.  Another successful execution is the 10 ounce striploin.  Simply grilled with a little pickled veg salad and salsa verde.  I skipped the sauce because I want to taste the beef and it's no Bestellen strip but it is good.  A side of grilled asparagus is little overcooked.  The space is awesome.  I love the soft lighting and exposed brick.  I hate the way they fold the paper napkins on the table; it looks banquetish.

Here's a link to Toronto Life if you'd like more details:

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