Wednesday, May 11, 2011

June Harlowe Foods, 1627 Dupont Street

This cottagy resto cafe has a casual vibe that makes it a no brainer for an easy weekend brunch. Live music and $5 Caesars sweeten the deal. Blueberry buttermilk pancakes are big, fluffy disks of love. Someone in the kitchen is a master whisker. The eggs Benedict is comprised of large eggs, grilled (nice touch) pea meal and Challah toast which in my not so humble opinion is the best choice. I like the hollandaise even more than the bread. June has the lightest, lemony hollandaise on the face of this city.

Watusi, 110 Ossington Avenue

My friend Jen and I were stumped this year as to where to hold our birthday festivities. It was cute at first but now I am exhausted by the no reservation policy. How the f are twenty five people supposed to go for dinner without a reservation? Jen called place after place on our list of "hot spots" and they either wouldn't or couldn't accommodate our numbers or wanted to force us into a prix fixe. One place on the Ossington strip couldn't even seat us all at one table because they "are a small place". We dined at Watusi. It was a no brainer choice after the guy on the phone was not only accommodating but pleasant, professional and helpful; he even offered to order us a cake.

Customer service is not dead.

My favourites were the luscious pulled pork with wonton chips, the crispy chick pea fries with a jalapeno dip and the crispy mixed mushroom and asiago flat bread pizza.

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