Thursday, May 19, 2011

Gourmet Burger Co.

If you like thick and juicy hamburgers do not go to Gourmet Burger Company. If you like pineapple, roasted peppers, avocado, goat cheese or balsamic marinated caramelized onions on a thin, cooked through patty then maybe it’s the place for you.

Their shtick is local, 100% Canadian farm raised beef that’s aged for thirty days and never frozen. That’s all fine and dandy but Canada is not local and when you cook a skinny patty to well done, you can’t tell what you’re eating.

Needless to say this burger was dry. It had nice grilled flavour that you almost couldn’t taste because of the huge Kaiser like bun that the patty sits between. I immediately tear off as much of the bun as possible. I’m here to eat a burger, not a prosciutto sandwich.

I’m also super sad to see leaf lettuce on the bottom and skimpy toppings. The tomato is sliced too thin as is the red onion and the pickles. The GBC sauce (a mixture of ketchup, hot sauce, mayo and mustard) is void of any flavour. I should’ve stuck with mayo.

Gourmet Burger Company isn’t a total bust. Their beer battered onion rings are giant, crunchy rings of soft onion that doesn't slide out when you bite into them.

The fries are what I call dirty fries; they are darkish in colour as if the oil in the deep fryer hasn’t been changed this week. They are crispy and not too thick.

And Rachel, the cute counter girl personally brings us our order. The presentation is nice; the 100% biodegradable packaging is eco chic and your meal comes on a silver tray.

Gourmet Burger Co.
Four locations across Toronto
Takeout or Dine In
Open daily
Cash or debit
Not licensed
One 6 oz. beef burger with rings and a Jones Soda $11.81 including taxes

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