Monday, September 13, 2010

Woody's Burgers Bar and Grill

It looks like Woody’s Burgers Bar and Grill, 3795 Lakeshore Boulevard West, is on fire – literally. Puffs of smoke billow from the roof and the smell of burning wood fills the air. No need for EMS, it’s just what happens when you grill using Canadian hardwood as your heat source. Woody’s burgers are a whopping 7 ounces of local, naturally raised meats. They are made in house and hand pressed daily but when asked what type of beef is used, the answer is organic not sirloin or chuck. So it’s minced bits of whatever parts; passable because it’s natural but a better cut would be more respectable.

The beef classic ($5.35) glistens with grease but its’ insides are a little dry. The patty has a nice smoky taste. Close your eyes and you are sitting at a bon fire in Northern Ontario.

The beef stuffed cheddar ($6.35) is moister due to the patty’s center which is oozing with orange Cheddar. Not as smoky as the classic but juicier.

Woody’s uses sesame egg buns which are soft, fresh and a great base for soaking up the drippings.

Sure they have lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions but Woody’s gets creative with six different types of mayo, coleslaw, cucumbers, green olives, grilled jalapenos, pulled pork, Caribbean hot pepper sauce and a fried egg as other options for your burger.

Unfortunately, as good as the burgers are, the fries are not. They are too thick, too dry, not seasoned effectively or fried enough. The sweet potato fries are more luscious but still air on the side of dehydrated.

Flush your tank with one of their daily drink specials; a half price pint, mojito, margarita or Caesar.

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