Friday, July 30, 2010

The Brunchcapades: Part Six

July has easily been the busiest month of the year for me. I moved into my new condo and as a result have either been at work trying to gather up as much money as possible or at HomeSense trying to furnish the thing. Short on time, I just wanted to go somewhere close to home. The problem is that brunch is pretty much nonexistent in Etobicoke. Breakfast on the other hand, is everywhere. I decided to hit up two of the most popular 'All Day Breakfast' spots: The Grille, 1596 The Queensway and High Seas, 1086 Islington Avenue. Six eggs later, here's the scoop.

The All Day Breakfast: The Grille vs. High Seas

The Grille
Ambiance: Open 24 hrs., family restaurant, recently renovated, fake plants, blinds, booths, middle aged waitresses, serves everything from breakfast, pastas, salads, steak and burgers to classics like liver and onions and the hot hamburger; open faced with gravy

Price: $6.99 not including coffee ($1.99)

Eggs: 3, I like them over easy, and well, eggs are eggs

Bacon: 3 pieces, small, crumpled and stuck together,“hotel” bacon (you know, that one that every hotel seems to serve that's fat is almost see through, nothing like the kind you buy at the store - where does it come from?), not too crispy

Toast: 2 pieces, white, brown or rye (I always go brown), thick, Texas toast style,perfectly toasted and buttered, served with a packet of ubiquitous Olde Style strawberry jam

Homefries: not really homefries but rather boiled then roasted with maybe a little oil to get a few somewhat crispy bits, then kind of mashed up, the potato bacon ratio was way out of whack

High Seas

Ambiance: Greasy spoon, diner, ocean motif, think mermaid mural and aluminum fish on ceiling, one middle aged waitress and Greek cooks in white shirts, serves typical fare: souvlaki, ice cream, burgers, fish n chips

Price: $7.00 includes coffee

Eggs: 3, same deal as above

Bacon: 4 pieces, big and long, separate, the normal grocery store kind, a little too crispy

Toast: 2 pieces, white or brown, regular thickness, buttered ok, jamless

Homefries: French fries, definitely not homefries but at least these were fried, thick, crispy

The verdict: The Grille is a nicer setting but you definitely get more value out of High Seas. But unless you are a trucker, over the age of 65 or broke, neither place can really stand for brunch. Someone (other than that awful Cora), needs to open a proper brunch place in Southern Etobicoke.

We're dying over here.

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