Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Yellow Griffin, reviewed for Single Men's Magazine

The Yellow Griffin Pub, 2202 Bloor Street West, has the largest selection of burgers that I have ever seen. I’m talking about eight different kinds of patties (beef, bison, pork, lamb, turkey, chicken, salmon and veggie), thirty five different ways of serving them and add to that decision making – a choice of nine different sides. You seriously need about 15 minutes just to wrap your head around this massive menu. We were a little over whelmed but up for some serious burger consumption.

Three selections later, mouths watering over the anticipation of breaded pickles and a small debate over whether or not to go with a side of kraut-slaw or The Village Potato Salad (I won with the potato salad), we settled into the comfortableness of our booth and surveyed the joint. A small, kind of homey pub, it immediately made me think of a great spot for some Sunday festivities i.e. a greasy, “last night is a blur” kind of brunch. For this purpose, I am strangely intrigued by the ‘English Breakfast Burger’ ($11.15). Yup, a burger topped with baked beans, a little HP and a fried egg – rise and shine.

First up was a lamb ‘Greek to Me Burger’ ($10.85) topped with what was a traditional Greek salad. Overjoyed to see that the patty was somewhere between medium and medium well, I languished its’ juiciness. Thank god for a Pub Chef that realizes not all burgers must be cooked to death. Loaded with feta, it was satisfying but I must admit to wishing that the feta was swooped up in a creamy tzatziki instead of its dryness competing with the juice of the lamb.

With catchy little names like ‘Under the Tuscan Bun’, ‘Don Juan’, ‘Skipper Dipper’ and an outrageous array of non conventional toppings – think walnuts, peanut butter, apples, satay sauce, Siberian prawns (get the picture?), you can’t help but feel a tad adventurous.

Our curiosity led us to the ‘New Mexican’ ($11.85). This was a concoction of salsa, Tabasco, guacamole, peanut butter, sweet potato and coriander and sounded like a good match to a chicken burger. Mexicans like their chicken, si? Actually not a burger at all but more of a sandwich with a piece of grilled chicken as opposed to ground meat. I guess I could get over that part but this was straight up a grossly weird emulsion of toppings. The sweet potato mixed with peanut butter just made for a pasty mess.

Skip that one and let’s move onto the bison burger (an additional $2.75 but worth every cent). So meaty, so tender, so lean – this is a man’s burger. I decided to dress it in some ‘Crème Caramel’ ($11.35). Caramelized onions and mushrooms were in abundance and the tangy BBQ sauce was a perfect mate. I would scratch the lettuce (too soggy), add a slice of chedder (extra $1.50), order a big pint (of whatever) and ask for extra napkins (this is a messy one).

Which side do you take? The onion rings get rave reviews, the sweet potato fries come with a tasty red pepper mayo, the fries are fries, the Village Potato Salad is just an explosion of mayo and not much to write to Babka about, the green salad (who orders salad with a burger?). Never tried the kraut-slaw because I won the debate.

The best part of the entire experience was the breaded pickles! Little sticks of dilly, crunchy goodness. They were stupid they were so good.

So, grab a few friends and stop by and if it’s a Sunday, I’m the girl with the blood shot eyes and the egg on her burger so come over say good morning – quietly.

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