Tuesday, March 10, 2009


By far one of the best meals I had in 2008 was at Foxley, 207 Ossington Avenue. Executive chef and owner Thom Thai, has created a clean, simple and ever changing menu using exotic ingredients. The idea is tapas based with an Asian and Mediterranean influence.

We waited 45 minutes because there are all of fourteen tables and they don't take reservations. Don't worry; it is well worth the wait.

The side ribs with a caramelized shallot glaze are fall off the bone goodness. The sauce is perfectly sticky and saucy at the same time. My friend was diligently trying to soak up the sauce from the empty plate until the waiter snatched it up and sadness ensued.

The hamachi ceviche with tomato salsa was light and refreshing and although we ordered five dishes at the same time, I was impressed that they brought that one out first. A perfect start and a best friend to the glass of sparkling wine I had ordered.

My favourite dish was the spiced lamb wrapped in a lot leaf. To be honest, I don't know what a lot leaf is but I liked it, a lot.

Skip the avocado and blue crab salad; it's nothing to write home about.

I also wouldn't bother with desserts. He has two: crème brule with black sesame and a rice pudding with fresh mango. The custard of the brule had the consistently of goat cheese which wasn't bad but odd. The rice pudding was very lack luster and extremely el dente.

The wine list is reasonable and extensive for such a small place.

The service was alright but what can I say, being a waitress as made me very critical.

The prices are very reasonable.

The experience was a bouquet of awesome.

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