Saturday, September 1, 2012


I came to Thailand for two reasons: the beaches and the food. The street food that is. Sure I had visions of dining by candlelit on the sea, my toes pushing through soft white sand and the breeze blowing through my beached hair. Now that I am here, I can honestly say that that is not what I'm in search of. We are actually doing our damnest to avoid it.

It's day nine and we are proud to say we haven't dined with a single white person. Our meals haven't cost more than $9 (beer included). The day we went to China Town in Bangkok, our lunch, a bowl of pork noodle soup, costs a mere .50 cents.

This is Thailand.

It's all rice and it's all good. Rice noodles, rice pancakes, fried rice, sticky rice, steamed rice, rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Curries, spices, indistinguishable meats on sticks. Sometimes we aren't sure what we are eating but we like it that way.

Yeah you can eat safe. There's pizza, spaghetti and club sandwiches. There's hamburgers and French fried ( always spelt wrong).

I didn't come here to be comfortable. I came here to take my palette on an adventure as well.

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