Monday, July 16, 2012

Food Truck Mania: Buster's Sea Cove

Toronto finally got itself a few food trucks. It's too bad that you have to go down to Bay and Front to have lunch. Some trucks have been parked at Queen and Jarvis but after some "issues" with the landlord, they have either relocated or are laying low.

Front and Bay isn't the nicest of surroundings. There is nowhere to sit, limited shade and a ton of construction right now. What there is though is a ton of suits who need to eat lunch and when we arrive at 1 pm, the two trucks have long lines.

The most talked about street eat right now is Buster's Sea Cove's lobster roll ($13). An extension of their St. Lawrence Market location, this sea foam green truck also offers shrimp or fish tacos and a crab roll.

The lobster roll is served in a brown box with faux newspaper, a large dill pickle slice and a mini bag of Miss Vickie's regular potato chips.

The roll is perfectly toasted and buttered. The lobster (a little too picked apart in my opinion) is lightly dressed. Any creamier and it would be overwhelming.  Bits of celery and chives and a squirt of fresh lemon complete this salad on a bun.

It's a fun lunch.

The fried fish tacos (two for $8) are not as successful.  I like that the salsa has bite and stings my lips. The batter is light and really crispy but it quickly gets soggy under the salsa. Shredded purple cabbage adds some crunch but the corn tortilla gets destroyed by the weight of the toppings and falls apart as we try to eat it. Either double it up or get sturdier tortillas because this was a big hot mess.

It's exciting to finally have the kind of food trucks you hear about in other cities; let's just hope the rest of Toronto can get a few too because there's nothing fun about having to eat your lunch on a curb.

*follow Buster's Sea Cove at for their current location

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