Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I realize that this is not a "burger joint" but I just started a new job in Yorkville and after working like a dog, I just wanted a patio, some sun, a Bud Light and a burger. If you ever feel the same, then Hemingways, 142 Cumberland Street, is where to go. Granted it's not my favourite patio in Yorkville (Remy's is but their food isn't worth a quarter) but it is one that isn't expensive or pretentious.

The burger is good. It's pubbish but it is fresh; they make 'em each morning and they are eight ounces of surprisingly juicy ground beef. Cheese is not necessary and I usually forego the bacon; not because I don't love it but because I try to watch my girlish figure. In this case, I'm down for both. There is nothing special about either accessory but somehow they both add a little "something".

The patty is thick and assembled correctly. My only issue is the absence of a pickle. You have to have a dill pickle. The Heinz squeeze bottle of relish doesn't man up - at all.

The girlish figure thing makes me have a salad in place of fries.

I should've done the fries as the salad is the dreaded mixed baby greens with a side of bottled balsamic dressing in a plastic ramekin.

I don't eat it.

How is it that you can make you're own burger but not you're own salad dressing?

I'm pretty sure the former is a little more difficult.

*Burger with side salad, 3 bottles of Bud Light (I was thirsty and maybe a tad stressed), tax and

a 20% tip for Sonia our awesome server, approximately $35.00

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