Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nama Sushi, 750 St. Clair West

So, someone (you know who you are) told me that Nama Sushi had the best spicy tuna rolls in the city. This same someone takes his food very seriously and I am slowly discovering that like Corey Mintz and Katia Sinopoli, he can be trusted.

Well, these rolls are 'off the chain'. They are actually spicy (we all know those impostor versions that promise spice but deliver orange mayo). They are pretty - wrapped in light pink rice paper like a sweet sixteen birthday present. Fresh tuna is gingerly mixed with tempura bits and an essence of scallion; delicately delicious.

Sam the sushi guy rolls with such grace. His attention to detail is apparent in every roll we ordered. He showcases the sweetness of shrimp and crab in his Boston rolls by gently mixing in a touch of mayo not drowning it which is the common practice. Red fish roe not only make the rolls pleasing to the eye but I love the way they pop in between your teeth. The crackle of roe with the softness of the crab is the perfect juxtaposition in your mouth.

The dynamite rolls also deliver. Shrimp tempura is rolled up in rice then in toasted sesame seeds. Something as simple as toasting the seeds really brings out their nuttiness and proves the creator's respect for his ingredients.

Nama's house salad is another home run. Not the creamy version that I prefer but I fell in love with the curly beet threads, carrots cut in fancy shapes, crisp lettuce and a wonderfully tangy dressing that is generous on the minced celery and ginger.

Sorry New Gen, you may be temporarily closed but I have forever jumped ship.

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  1. lol I like how Corey Mintz and Katia Sinopoli are on the same level.

    Leaving New Gen, really? They hold a special place in my heart don't know if I could...But I'm glad you attacked the "spice" in maki. I am a devoted spicey tuna orderer and the "spiced", as in flavoured, mayo at most places just doesn't cut it. I may have to just try this place...