Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Mexican Post, 5165 Dixie Road, Unit 3

My taco adventures came to a screeching halt when I had dinner here - one of Mississauga's only Mexican restaurants. First off, this is Tex Mex. It is burritos, enchiladas, jalapeno poppers, "Mexican" rice and lots of melted marble cheese.

Things were off to a bad start when the complimentary chips and salsa arrived. The corn chips were neither warm nor house made and the salsa was pureed.

I chose the taco and enchilada combo ($9.99). Old El Paso type taco shells are stuffed with a few strips of char-grilled chicken, some grated orange and white cheese and then placed under the salamander until the shells begin to burn. They were dry and sort of desperate so I tried to revive them by dousing them in green Tabasco. It kind of worked.

The enchiladas were the tacos reincarnated. This time shredded beef was rolled up in a soft tortilla with a blanket of the same cheese melted over top. The beef had more life - its' stringy texture had a faint bit of jus still hanging on. Having been rescued by twice the amount of cheese, it didn't require as much sauce.

The combo was served with old, dark yellow, crunchy rice and refried beans that were so thick and pasty that when I tipped the bowl upside down, nothing happened. I know I shouldn't play with my food but we got a good laugh out of it.

To add insult to injury, the service was inept. We were seated in the bar area (not by choice) next to a big blue tarp that concealed "renovations". All the while, Mexican music competed with the baseball game that was on tv.

The place was dead.


  1. I've found that the salsa's usually a pretty good indicator of what's to follow. Margaritas are fairly consistent, give or take a little tequila and lime. But a good salsa and warm chips is virtually imperative. And pre-made taco shells? Never! Mexican food's pretty easy, and if we can do it at home as a quick meal, restaurants should have no problem embellishing on traditional offerings, and offering something special. Good writeup Rita!

  2. Thanks for the input Larry. I agree with your salsa thesis and when the bowl of pureed sauce came to the table, I got worried.