Monday, May 11, 2009

Mexitaco, 828 Bloor Street West

My new found love of Mexican has sparked a mission to find the best taquerias in Toronto. I am staying true to El Trompo for their Tacos Al Pastor but Mexitaco's nachos (pictured above) take the gold. Salsa, cheese, jalapenos, cilantro, onions, sour cream and house made chips make for some of the most fresh and colourful nachos I have ever seen.

Stay tuned for more adventures in tacos...

Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar, 9 Church Street

The menu changes twice daily because everything is as fresh and as local as possible. A recent visit had us perched at the chef's table and dining on pork hocks, beef cheeks, braised rabbit and their house made chorizo. The food, with the exception of their poutine (strange as this is what they are often praised for) was spot on. Even the wine pairings that our server suggested were unforgettable. Thanks Chef James for a wonderful night.

Julie's Cuban Restaurant, 202 Dovercourt Road

The sign out front says Julie's Snack Bar but that's only because it is the original sign from when the space was just that - a small hangout that had snacks and a Pac Man video machine. Now, she calls herself a restaurant, a Cuban restaurant.
I've been to Cuba twice and I still have no strong idea as to what Cuban cuisine is. I ask around and no one else seems to know either. Rice, beans and corn are the popular responses. Sadly, I think even Julie is confused. Our tapas dinner started with guacamole and chips. The guac was great, the chips were Tostitos - maybe someone from the Mexitaco camp could show them how to make their own? We went on to sample coconut shrimps, peppery corn fritters and a jumbo potato puff filled with ground meat that was like a ball of shepard's pie. A not so limey key lime pie finished things off. It was a mix of Louisiana, Florida, Mexico and Cuba all rolled into one.

Focus Julie, focus.


  1. Hey -just to follow up on a recommendation from a friend from last night...

    Try "Dos Amigos" Just north of Dupont in the East side of Bathurst...

    A sweet little place that serves beef tongue on the right occasion, the fruit cocktails are fresh and the service is nothin' but home-felt.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Will definitely check it out. I love getting recommendations especially that send me to mom and pop joints with cheap eats. You had me at tongue.

  3. Visited Mexitaco for the second time last night and their cochinita pibil tacos left me wishing there were four more on the plate. Marinated then baked, the pork was shredded and dripping with smoky juices. I adored the sprinkling of pickled onions and the soft corn tortillas were spot on.